INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please contact before placing an order. Shipping is most often cost-prohibitive. Large orders can sometimes be manufactured locally.  Some Canadian destinations have a relatively minimal additional shipping charge. Please inquire.


Grandelier in white, shipped. $429

Grandelier in black, shipped. $479

Petit Grandelier in white, shipped. $79 each (only sold in sets of three for $237)

2 replacement candles, shipped. $12

Custom or Volume Inquiries:

5 or more Grandelier $30 discount each.
30 or more Petit Grandelier $5 discount each.
Black are an additional $50 per Grandelier.
Grandelier must be ordered in multiples of 3.
Grandelier in black are an additional $26 for 3.
Please inquire for the availability and cost for non-standard colors. Please note that low-quantities of additional colors will typically add at least $100 for three Petit, and $200 to the cost of a standard white Grandelier. 

The Grandelier is made to order, and is unable to be manufactured in volume or benefit from the discounts mass production would enable. It costs us the same to produce one as 100. We offer a nominal discount on an already tight profit margin to show our appreciation and as a courtesy for larger orders on this unique product.
Please ask any questions before ordering as we are unable to cancel any placed orders due the custom manufacturing process. For the same reason, we do not issue refunds or returns. We do stand behind the quality of the Grandelier and will replace anything in the unlikely event of shipping damage when reported within 24 hours of receipt. Thank you.